How Do I Copy Music From Youtube To Windows Media Player?


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The process of copying music from YouTube to windows media player is easy when you understand the basic steps that need to be followed. There are several ways to achieve this, but first you will need a converter and a copying tool.

First, you have to select a download tool that works best for your needs. There are several of these online and they can copy music from YouTube to windows media player through simple and quick steps.

Key in the YouTube address and select the file you need to transfer. This should be done in the same manner an email address is written.

If the file you want to copy from YouTube to windows media player is not in a compatible format, use the converter to change it to the desired format.  These can be converted to wmv or avi formats which are easily imported or read while using windows media player.

Windows media player does not support any flv files which are also known as flash videos. Therefore, you might have to rip the videos first from YouTube before you proceed to copy them to the windows media player.

Save the copied file to your hard disk.

Proceed to select the output format for the files. This is important and it determines whether the downloaded file will be compatible with the windows media player being used.

You have to specify the appropriate output path for the copied music.

If you fancy the idea of copying music from YouTube to windows media player, you can meet this end with these basic steps and you can get more information from Always make sure that you have designated the location you want the music copied to and the appropriate format in order to increase your chances of copying a compatible file.
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Windows meida player supports wmv video, and youtube video is flv video, you have to download and convert youtube video at first, then you can add the video into library. If you don't know how to do that, I think this guide would help you a lot
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There is a program for that at Windows
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For windows xp versions open media player right click< file > and then click on
put the URL in the pop up then ok ,It will load and play music  and  right click top left button then save will tell you where to put it ok hope this helps tryin to figure out windows 7 media player k later dudez.....
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Any good Anti-Virus program will either disallow of alert you of downloading Streaming Audio Recorder as suggested in the prior answer. Be very careful with these type of downloads if you value your privacy.

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