How To Burn Music From Youtube To Cd?


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It is very simple to burn music from YouTube to a CD. There a number of different ways, all of which involve downloading the music from YouTube directly onto your computer, then using your chosen media programme to burn the music onto a CD.
One of the easiest methods to do this is to use a website such as or

These websites allow you to paste in the URL of the music you wish to download from YouTube, which you can easily find in the listing of the music on YouTube or you can just simply use the website address that will be visible on your internet screen. Once you copy and paste these in to one of these websites you then click the convert button. It should then take a few seconds for the website to convert the music from your chosen YouTube video into and mp3 file.

You will then be given the choice to download the music file, which should take between a couple seconds to a minute depending on the size of the file. Once the file is downloaded you can then find it in your media programme such as windows media player or iTunes, if it is not there straight away you may have to find the file and copy it into your library.

Once you have the file in your library it is just a matter of inserting a blank CD into your computer, placing the music you wish to burn into a burn list or playlist and then clicking the burn CD button in your media programme.

Other methods of burning music from YouTube onto a CD involve downloading Firefox and then downloading an add-on which allows you to convert YouTube videos to mp3, however the method listed above is the quickest and easiest way.
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Get the ask tool bar that lets you record streaming music then record what songs you want once you record them they go into a folder then just add them to your media player and put them on a cd
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You can download the music from Youtube using the Orbit Downloader program and then use the Nero software to burn the music to CD.
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Combination of Free YouTube to mp3 Converter and Free Audio CD Burner. Free programs are out there! 

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You need to go through two steps. First, use a video to mp3 converter which lets you grab music on YouTube. After saving your favorite music offline, just utilize Windows Media Player to burn YouTube to CD.

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first you need to download youtube to mp3 then you can use windows drag-n-drop to burn mp3s to cd. Use some mp3 converter, there are dozens of them...

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Well yeah, if you find a way to download them to your PC first !!! Oh & you'll also need a CD writer
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You can download any video converter from Any-Video lets you download youtube videos and converts them too. After you have downloaded and converted the video to the format that you want, you can just burn the file(s) on the a disc.
Hope This Helps
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First go to
Paste the URL of the video from youtube then download it..
When the download complete,Burn it into your cd

I found these instructions elsewhere, it sent the video to my Media Player, I would think once there it should be available to burn. Good Luck.
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I don't know but you can download stuff off of limewire videos,music anything mostly eveerything and put music on a cd and put videos on a cd to watch just need the right cds

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