Where can I find Annie's Song sheet music for Flute for free?


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Annie's Song was both written and recorded by American singer and songwriter John Denver. He wrote this song as an ode and love song to his wife, Annie, while on a skiing holiday in Aspen, Colorado. Apparently, the beauty, color and sounds surrounding him so filled his senses, it made him think of Annie and inspired him to write the song in the space of about 10 minutes.

  • The Wrong Tune
Unfortunately, when he came home and played the song for her, she told him it sounded like Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, or at least part of it. Not impressed, he went to the piano and, after about an hour, came back with the version everybody loves today.

  • The Success
His efforts paid off, because in July 1974, the single Annie's Song was the number one track in the US for two weeks. It also hit the number one spot in the easy listening charts and the UK, where it became his one and only major hit.

  • Copyright
Unfortunately, the copyright laws of several countries do not allow the sheet music for Annie's Song to be distributed freely. This is a real shame. The music industry is, after all, not likely to collapse because someone somewhere wishes to play a beautiful song, but can't afford the prices usually applicable.

  • There is Hope
There are, nonetheless, a few sites where it can be both found and downloaded freely. One good option is Music Notes. Depending on where an individual is based, the initial response may be that a download is not possible due to of copyright restrictions in the individual's country. It is, however, possible to change country. Selecting USA will immediately make it possible to get the music. This has been tried and confirmed, so it will work.

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