Would justin bieber go with a 11 year old that know about serious relationships?


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Arthur Wright answered
Nope way too young for him and besides Selena Gomez has him tied up at the moment
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Besides how on earth would a 11 yr old know about serious relationships when youre still just a kid yet. My dogs are older than you
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Beth Jayne answered
NO!!!!!! Firstly, hes dating Selena and says she's the one. Seondly, He prefers older women, Thirdly he was asked about a 14 yr old and he said she was too young.
Also, he has millions of fans, i know at that age everybbody is mentally dating a celeb, but theres a fair chance he wouldnt even notice an 11 yr old. And 11 yr olds dont know about serious relationships, wait til your mature enough, been there, done that
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Eleanor jones answered
I hope not as he would lose any reputation that he has built up. She must be a greatly advanced 11 yr old this gal!!!

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