Who Sings The Leaning Tree Aint The First To Fall?


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This is by the famous Canadian musician, Ian Thomas. Ian Thomas was an incredibly successful rock and roll musician within Canada back in the 1970s, creating memorable hits include 'Painted ladies' from 1973. He generally lacked success in the American market, however, Painted Ladies did gain some popularity in the States. This was his only ever US top 40 hit. He also recorded a song with the Manfred Mann's Earth Band, and that song was 'Runner'.

Ian Thomas also did musical composition for twelve or more films and television shows during the height of his career, and before he broke through the music scene with Painted Ladies, he was actually a producer at the CBC. Even before this, he was a part of the folk music group known as 'Tranquility Base'.

The singer also won a Juno Award in 1974 for being the 'Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year', proving that he really was quite the success despite his difficulty in cracking the United States music market.

Later in 1981, the singer made a cameo appearance on SCTV along with his real life brother in a sketch of 'The Great White North'. His brother was Dave Thomas. Ian Thomas also played himself and performed 'Hold On' and 'Pilot' on the television.

He was also known for writing and recording the theme song for 'Strange Brew', a film created by his brother.

The saying you mentioned could of course have another original source, but it is commonly associated (especially in Canada) with the work of the famous musician Ian Thomas. For more information on this recording artist and rocker you will find a list of awards and achievements as well as his discography on Wikipedia, and many other websites. A simple Google or Bing search will provide you with all the information you need.

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