I wanted you by ina piano chords?


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The song I Wanted You by Inna has a complex arrangement of chords; to find the chords you should download the music from a free online sheet music website or alternatively buy the music to the song online or in a music store. The chords can be played on a piano or a guitar, or any other variation of stringed acoustic instrument. The chords should be played at a moderate speed to enable to singer to keep up with the music. Playing the chords in the background of a vocal theme can help enhance the sound of the music and give it a track feel.
  • Finding music to popular songs
The easiest way in which to find sheet music for well known pop songs is to look online. Often, the tune you are looking for will not be available in a music store, meaning you will have wasted a visit - although you could ring up before hand and request a particular song book. Sheet music stores online will offer a much wider range of music collections, allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for with ease with an Internet search engine. Make sure the website you buy from is secure, and remember to check postage and packaging charges - particularly if a book is being shipped from abroad. Remember that some sheet music will be available to download for free, so look for this before buying.

  • Inna
Inna is a popular Romanian singer, who most regularly sings dance music and pop. She is well known in Romania and has sold a high number of records in European countries and the USA. Her debut single 'Hot' propelled her to the top of the music industry in 2008, and she has produced a number of other critically acclaimed songs such as 'Love' since.

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