Are Joke E-mails Ever Funny?


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Yes, sometimes they are indeed VERY funny.

Especially when they are "dirty."
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John answered
I guess it depends on what your going through and what mood your in . In other words how it hits you when you first read it.
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Deemarcas Day answered
Sometimes they are hilarious and I truly enjoy them.  Then they get old after a while.  I can always tell when someone gets a new computer because they keep sending the jokes.  When they realize there are other interesting things online, they slow down.  But, if it is truly hilarious, and doesn't have a virus, send it on!
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Annie Devore answered
Depends On How Much Of A Sense Of Humor People Have..  You Have To Be Careful... I Have A Good Sense Of Humor But I Don't Like Raunchy Jokes.. I Like Stuff Like " What Did The Mountain Say To The Tree?  Stop Peeking On Me" Or Off The Wall Stuff.. Sarcasm Appeals To Me... I Read Dave Barry. And I Like Stephen Colbert.. That Kind Of Stuff
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I like the one's with odd animal friendships, like a frog and turtle or dog and cat etc...
Sometimes people send horrible things under the guise of humor.
I do not find someone getting beaten up or hurt to be in the realm of funny.
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Karen answered
I never read the jokes....automatically delete them. I have always told my friends NOT to send that crap; but, they NEVER listen so I stopped telling them and just hit delete.
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yarnlady answered
It's very rare that they are funny, and then they are usually familiar to me, from an old comedy routine or something. When I receive any new ones, I share them on the Joke Club Group I belong to.
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Joan answered
I have received some that caused me to laugh so hard I have cried.  Others are just ho-hum repeats that keep coming back like a bad nightmare.  I delete more than I forward.  I never forward something that I have seen previously, I just assume if I have seen it, everyone else has also.  I have a rather large group of friends that I correspond with and I generally receive dozens of
e-mails daily.   I have to be pretty particular about what I forward or I would smother my friends with unwanted e-mails and jokes.
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Rebecca Quick answered
Most are funny, depending on your type of humor. Some are a little off, and should never be sent. Like I said, it all depends on what you find funny.
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I get 4 or 5 every day (almost) and I pass them
one to those I know who would enjoy them as well.
And yes, they can be very funny.

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