How Could I Copy Music From Internet To Computer Media Player?


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Copying music from the internet to your computer media player is technically illegal. The most common way that people do try to get music from online onto their music player is by using audio grab tools. These can be downloaded online and are used to 'grab' the audio from anything that is playing on your computer. These tools require you to press a record button and then, in the background, play the music that you have found online that you want to copy. There are also a number of tools available for download that will do this process for you, but specifically from videos that are found on YouTube. The audio is 'grabbed' from the YouTube videos so that it can be saved as a music file and opened in your computer media player.

• Copying music from CDs. It is possible to copy music onto your computer music player from a CD. Insert the CD into your computer and wait for it to load. Some media players, such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, will automatically ask you whether or not you want to import the music onto your computer. Others will require you to go into the 'File' menu and set it up yourself.

• Downloading music. The only legal way to get music from the Internet is to pay for it and download it from an online store. This way you will be able to get the music straight onto your media player and you will not sacrifice sound quality.

There are a number of ways that you can get music from the internet onto your computer media player. Legally, buying music from online stores gives the best results. If you want to copy the music for free there are audio 'grabbing' tools available, however these downloads will be illegal.

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