What's the last thing you watched on TV that really affected you or moved you?


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Lily Bradic Profile
Lily Bradic answered

There have been some awful stories on the news recently - no more than usual, but it's always depressing to hear about war, natural disasters and murder.

As far as TV shows are concerned, I did find the last two episodes of the French police drama Spiral (or Engrenages) pretty moving - the acting was brilliant, so even though I didn't find what happened particularly traumatic myself, the characters' reactions to it seemed so raw and genuine that I found it really moving.


I don't really watch that much TV - usually, if I want to watch something, I'll watch it online. That way I don't end up wasting time watching things just for the sake of it.

Rob Barwell Profile
Rob Barwell answered

The documentary Solo: Lost at Sea is a fantastic and incredibly moving documentary about Andrew McAuley and his attempt to cross the Tasman Sea in a standard one-man kayak. I strongly recommend you watch it.

Adila Adila Profile
Adila Adila answered

Nothing. I don't cry or get emotional or get moved over any documentary , movie or TV Programme. I am... Emotionless. (Well if you count crying at the Westlife Farewell Tour DVD then maybe...) .

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