How Do I Transfer Songs From The Internet To My Computer?


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There are a lot of sites that you can use to transfer songs from the Internet to your computer, such as Napster: You will have access to more than 15 million songs and you can try it for free for seven days before you decide whether or not you want to become a member. You can even download music onto your cell phone so you can listen to while you are on the move.

The beauty of Napster is that they are constantly adding new music to their library, so as soon as it is released you can access it, which means that you build up your own library and playlists from their huge volume of titles, genres and artists. You can even arrange to have updates sent to you so you know what the latest additions are.

Napster includes a MoodManager, which is music chosen to match whatever mood you happen to be in, so if you feel romantic, there's music for you; if you want something a bit more raunchy, well, you get the idea...

You can listen to exclusive interviews on Napster, and music that is yet to be released in special sessions. There are also more than 90 radio channels for you to listen to whenever you like.

Another great feature that Napster has is that of suggesting music that you may like based on the music that you have already picked, so finding the tracks that you had forgotten about, or new music becomes really easy. There are also 100s of playlists that have already been compiled that cover all genres so you can play them to fit your circumstances, for example you could complete your dance workout to the playlist entitled 'The Gym'.
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Get limewire that's the only way I know
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I trying to put songs on my video on desktop
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There are two ways either legal ways, or which cost money or illegal ones which require you to right click the link with your mouse and click the save target as option
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You can download songs through all the music software, like Itunes or Rhapsody. Or, you can try for other songs if you want.

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