Who Sang 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'?


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Bonnie tyler
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'Total Eclipse of the Heart' was sung by Bonnie Tyler. It was a hugely successful power ballad, selling 5-6 million copies in total, with 60,000 copies sold per day. It reached number one in most countries (including the US and UK), and remains Bonnie Tyler's most successful song.

The song made Tyler the only Welsh artist to reach number 1 in the UK and US Billboard Magazine Charts.

The song was edited for radio, due to the fact that it was nearly seven minutes long. The video was noted for being surreal, with people doing back flips and flying.

The song was voted 72 in The Greatest Number Ones Of All Time and 94 in The Greatest Music Video of All Time in a poll held by Channel 4. It also came in at number 56 in VH1's Greatest Songs of the 80's.

The song has been covered many times
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Bonnie Tyler

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