What Are The Lyrics To The Song Called 'School In Cheltenham' By Tsai Chin?


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School in Cheltenham was taken from a rare Tsai Chin LP, and is almost impossible to find anywhere nowadays. Tsai Chin is a Taiwanese folk and pop singer, who enjoyed most of her popularity in Taiwan and China between the 1970s and 1990s.

School in Cheltenham by Tsai Chin (transcribed)
I went to school in Cheltenham At a fashionable Ladies' College Where I learnt what's what And acquired a lot Of exceedingly practical knowledge Our reading, writing, arithmetic Was positively mediocre But we got pretty slick At the three-card trick And we played a pretty hand of poker We were rather weak at the Latin and Greek But we worked with considerable fervor And we had to cram For an English exam On Lady Chatterley's Lover. I loved my school in Cheltenham With the chestnut trees so shady. And I now embrace All the charm and grace Of a typical English lady. I shared a room in Cheltenham With a daughter of the landed gentry Whose most refined Little one-track mind Was completely elementary Our marks in French and algebra Were a series of disasters But at forging cheques Or at S-E-X We were absolute past masters In the upper sixth form we were studying form And we put on the money with the porter And at night our Head Used to tuck us in bed With an out-sized whiskey and water Let's give three cheers for Cheltenham Where the chestnut trees are shady When I learnt of vice And all things nice Like a typical English lady.

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