Where Can You Buy La Tee Da?


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Mary Patterson answered

For the home work? Or anything like this?

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Shalin Choksi answered
La Tee Da! Fragrance lamps, fragrance oils or effusion lamps are easily found at your nearest store which sells household products. It is a registered trade mark product. You can also find them at your nearest malls, super markets, grocery stores and other such stores which sell products to decorate or enhance your home. These lamps are quite cheaply available and found in many different and exciting aromas as well. These lamps are usually found at all homes. These perfume-like bottles are placed at one corner of the home and constantly fragrance is emitted out of these bottles which keep the house full aroma and odour free. They act as a potpourri. These products are usually hand made. La Tee Da! Lamps can be easily made at home as well.

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