Where Can You Buy Oxygen Masks?


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Depending on what you plan to use an oxygen mask for, you may find them sold at stores that sell medical supplies, especially if you need this for oxygen therapy. There are a number of companies that sell such equipment online, such as Index EMT Medical Co., a company based in California. Med-Worldwide Global EMS Product Distribution Centre is another company selling such products over the internet. If you need an oxygen mask due to a medical condition, you should contact your doctor first. He/she may be able to write a prescription and you might be able to ask for a reimbursement through your health insurance plan.

If you are a collector, or are interested in buying an oxygen mask for non-medical reasons, you will find a good selection of these products on eBay. For example, eBay.ca currently lists such vintage items, as a Vietnam War US Air Force oxygen mask for C$22.44, or a Soviet Air force oxygen mask used by mig pilots for C$33.62.

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