Where To Buy Rey Mysterio Mask In Singapore?


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Unfortunately you will find it very difficult to find a Rey Mysterio mask in any stores in Singapore. This is due to their not being an official WWE store based in Singapore.

Your best bet is to buy online and you will most probably find the cheapest way with the most choice would be to buy one from an eBay seller. Of course, you may have to pay quite a lot in postage if they are not based in Singapore, but you should still find it affordable.

You will find a list of all the Rey Mysterio Masks available on at the moment at:

You will have to check where the mask is based and also if the seller is willing to ship to Singapore - some unfortunately are not keen on doing this.

When buying from and especially when buying from a foreign seller, it is important to ask them to send via recorded delivery. This means you are able to track the package and if there are any problems with delivery these will be officially recorded.

A lot of buyer and seller disputes can happen on eBay if the seller did not post the item recorded delivery. Therefore the recipient could easily claim they did not get it and ask for a refund, or the seller could claim they sent it when in fact they did not.

If you feel the masks on are too expensive, you could always have a go at making the mask yourself. You may find it quite a fun task to do and you will get the reward of a free mask at the end of it.

A useful set of videos that can help you in making your mask can be found at:

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