Which Male Singers Have Deep Voice?


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There are a number of male singers with deep voices, so it is difficult to narrow down to specific singers, however, I can explain to you the various ranges within a signing voice.

  • The types of vocal ranges: Vocal fry
Vocal fry refers to tones that are the lowest that can be sung from an individual. This is the type of singing that tends to be carried out by men as opposed to women, because they cannot reach the vocal fry. When someone sings in this tone, the vocal folds inside the body are closed albeit quite loosely.

  • Falsetto
You may have heard of this term before when people are talking about singers. This refers to their ability to reach very high notes, which is not very common in male singers. When a person reaches falsetto, the vocal chords begin to vibrate which helps to reach the appropriate high notes in a song.

  • Model voice
This term refers to the singing range that is in between the vocal fry and the falsetto. This range is the most commonly used in both male and female singers. You will also notice that the several ranges within model voice is what is used throughout the majority of a song. It is important to keep in mind that a model voice does not have one specific sound, as it is individual to the person singing.

  • Whistle register
This form of singing is the highest range that a person can go to when performing a song. This is quite a rare tone that singers can reach. Only a select group of sopranos who can sing in this tone. It is more common for women to sing in this tone; however it is not impossible for men to reach it as well.
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Maxine Chan answered
I would say Elvis Presley and Scotty from American Idol season 10.
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The very deepest voice in today's music is that of Peter Steele of "Type O Negative" If anyone has heard it, I'd like to hear your opinion.....thanks.

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