Does Heavy Metal Have A Malign(negative) Influence On Teens?


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I don't think so. Back in the 1980's my sister was a teenager at the time when her and her friends got into Heavy Meal. (The so called "Hair bands") She met and became friends with this gentleman who owned the persoal security agency for when the bands went on tour. She would get back stage at every concert and her  and her friends were very attractive so they  stuck out from the rest of the people backstage and got invited to party once with Bon Jovi and another time with Alice Cooper.
What I'm trying to say is that she turned out fine and is married today to one of thr nicest men you could meet.
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Personally I don't think heavy metal has a influence on teens unless they let it have a bad influence on them
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Hell no man I am a teen right now and I have never felt a negative feeling due to the music.
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Yes. Teenagers have used bad words, drugs, and commited suicide because of harmful meanings to songs.

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