What's more of a bad influence on teens: rap, punk rock, or anime?


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hey cameron answered

Their friends.

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Matt Radiance answered

Genres has nothing to do with the impact.

Rap,Rock,Punk, they are Music genres who defines the the genre of the music and the basic usage of the instruments. The impacts and influences all depends on the artists, their thoughts and ideas and how they represent themselves, their fashion, clothing, their behaviors ect . .and then the lyrics and meaning of the songs and system of the albums and what story their album represents.

Anime also has nothing to do with anything such as these.

I really don't know and wondering how people get badly educated about these kind of things.

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Roy Lovett answered

None of those imo.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

The biggest bad influence on teens is the pack mentality they have while thinking they know much more than they actually do.

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