Do you think power chords can be over used especially when playing more punk and or rock oriented songs on the guitar?


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Not unless you run more from it than its made for

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They CAN be over-used, but they are an integral part of punk rock. I'd say experiment until you like what you hear. Kass poses a very interesting point about effects, but it's a very wide discussion. :>

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Bradley  Lomax
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You're right this can be a very wide discusion the thing is recently learnt the Ramones first album on guitar and there is only one song in the entire album that's uses open string chords
Frederick Fisk
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Oh, yeah. Well, the Ramones played a long time ago, we weren't oversaturated as we are now. But yeah, it's normal for punk music.
Bradley  Lomax
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Good point as the ramones more or less started the movement with fast melodic power chords they carried on the torch of punk after the stooges and the New York dolls so yea they were playing in a very original style at the time before the hundreds upon hundreds of hardcore punks bands in the late seventies to early nineties.
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Power chords are definitely overused in general, but I kinda feel like if you can find the right guitar effects and match it with an interesting strumming pattern, they can still sound rich and varied.

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Bradley  Lomax
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Good point I remeber one punk band called the swankys who used the cheapest sounding wah pedal ever but isn't still made all their power chords sound varied

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