Can You Explain The Role Of Radio And Television In A Nation's Life?


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The radio and television play a very important role in a nation's life as they affect the ideas and behavior of all sorts of people. The radio and television present various kinds of programmes. They present programs of entertainment. We can enjoy listening to different forms of music and songs on the radio just as we can enjoy tales (stories) of wonder and reports of adventures in the mountains and unknown lands. We can listen to interesting drams

The radio and television present programmes of information. The most important of these is the radio or television news. We listen to the news with great interest. The radio and television get the latest news from all corers of the world and convey it within minutes.
Educational programmes of different kinds are presented on the radio and television. These programmes are very informative. There are lectures and discussions on science and arts subjects. For example, films on scientific inventions and development in the advanced countries are (telecast presented on T.V)

There are special programmes on the radio and television for the working people. For example there is the agricultural programme in which farmers are taught new and effective methods of farming.The radio and television present programmes on national affairs. In these programme the political activities of rulers and leader are described. The policies of the government in different fields of national life like education, science, agriculture and industry are described and discussed.

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