What Are The Different Functions Of Music?


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Music has a number of different functions and its application depends on the individual, the setting and the social context.


When an individual is feeling a certain emotion, they may like to listen to music.
If they are feeling sad, they may listen to music that is a little more sombre. If they are getting ready to party with their friends or are feeling excited, however, they may listen to something more upbeat.


Musicians and songwriters may produce music as a way of expressing their emotions and sharing how they feel with other people.


Those who produce music are often attracted to the creativity that music gives them. There are no rules and they can be as original as they want to be.


Music can be used to unite people. National anthems give a sense of nationalism and will bring people together.


Groups such as political parties may use music as a way of reaching out to their voters and making them feel part of the team.


In television, radio and online, advertisers may use music that has been connected with a particular brand or service. This makes it instantly-recognizable to the public.


Music can not only be used to keep us entertained, it can also be used for relaxation. Lying in the bath after a stressful day listening to soft, calm music is a great way to unwind.
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Educational, social, patriotic, industrial, religious, therapeutic, business & commercial, and professional.
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There is a feeling or emotion... And there is a creativity,expression... :) and thats all... :)

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