What Happened To Swampy?


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Swampy is alive and well and when last heard of (August 2006) he was living in a village of tepee tents, known as Teepee Valley in Wales.
Swampy's real name is Daniel Hooper. He first came to the attention of the media in 1996 when he and four others dug a series of burrows and then lived in them to prevent work starting on the A30 bypass in Devon.

He is perhaps most remembered though for the campaign he led at Newbury in Buckinghamshire, when he was very much portrayed as the antithesis of everything the (then Tory) government stood for. He also became quite popular with the general public.

Swampy is apparently now settled into a long term relationship and at the age of 32 has three children.

Perhaps somewhat ironically he now owns a car, but aims to be self sufficient and lives off the land, although he is no longer the active campaigner that he once was.
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Now, according to reports, he is taking part in climate change protests and demonstrations at the Heathrow airport, him being the eco-warrior and environmental protester from the United Kingdom. He is now living with his partner, who has three kids with him in a yurt in "Tipi Valley", living a peaceful life.
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He got a mortgage and is now living in Tring with his partner who has four children and a golden Labrador.

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