What Happened To Fantasia Barrino?


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She had vocal problems and that is why we have not herd her anymore I think that she should become famous again.....I love fantasia barrino
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As you have not mentioned the full name of Fantasia, I am assuming that you mean the American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. This girl was just a 19 year old when she won this talent show in 2004. It catapulted her to immediate fame and lime lights. She was judged by a panel of judges which included Simon Cowell. She was announced as the winner of this show on 26th May 2004.

She got a deal of media exposure for some time after she won this show and released her debut album in November 2004. Her album was titled as "Free Yourself" and was very successful and won four Grammy nominations. She is a teenage mother who gave birth to a baby when she was a mere seventeen year old. While she was on the show it was also said that she was being a victim of racism and prejudice against a single mother whom people might believe to be a poor role model.

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