What Kind Of Toys Do Boys Like To Play With?


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Boys like toys which allow them to be masculine - which is why they don't favour brushing Barbie's hair and pushing a dolly about in a pram. Typical toys that boys like to play with include the latest gadgets and gizmo's - such as remote controlled vehicles and robots. Most fortunate boys will own toys such as an electric racing track, lots of toy cars and lorries, action men and games consoles.

Boys have not always had access to such entertaining toys! Before the dawning of advances in technology and robotics, boys toys were very simple. Toy soldiers, dominos and die-cast vehicles would have been some typical boys toys.

In the modern era toys for boys and men are especially instrumental in the gaming and gadget industry. Men tend to spend more on gadgetry than women, and the latest technoloy appeals to men - more often than not to show off to their friends!
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Boy kids like to play with car games, bike racing , some kids like these types of games.
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The best option is active games. We are waiting for because our son likes sports and such the game will be perfect one because it can change shape and the child will not get tired of such a toy. In addition, these toys are durable and may come in handy in the future. Moreover, such things do not take up much space.

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Generally speaking, boys like to play RC cars, RC helicoper, DIY toys, etc.
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My sister has austim and she is a tomboy she loves stuff like Sonic The Hedgehog, Lighting McQueen, Tanks, Zombies (She likes horse but that not boyish) She also likes the smurfs  and a game called Roblox :) she likes megamind too!

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