Who agrees that Justin Bieber is actually a very good singer and has a very good voice, but it gets ruined by cheesy song lyrics, auto-tuning and over the top advertisement?


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Janey Profile
Janey answered
No i don't think so and he sounds too bland and "manufactured" for my liking to be regarded as a good singer.It seems a case of style over substance in my opinion.
dakota brown Profile
dakota brown answered
Idk i love ethier way
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
No thanks. His voice seems to Disneyish to me;)
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Personally, I think Alvin the Chipmunk is far better and he even writes his own songs and lyrics and is really awesome looking for his age
jantrance Profile
jantrance answered
To be honest i hate him, he is way overrated!!! And all the girls like him idk what is wrong with all those girls are they blind? Or what?

What do you find of him? Are you also blinded? :D!
Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
I agree, Addison.
He needs better personal management, otherwise he will be history in the pop world before he gets to 20.
Dezarea Profile
Dezarea answered
Yeaah, I agree. But I don't like the beibs apparently he's an ass. My mom does selena gomez's moms best friends hair and she said that justin is a HUGE jerk to Selena and her family. BUt yeah he's very talented.

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