Is it true that if you're a good dancer and a singer,means you're good in bed?


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To truly have a "good in bed" experience it comes from knowing your partner from the inside out. And having a history with each other. You wont find true "good in bed" in a drunken stupor or a one night stand.

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Tom  Jackson
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I want to be very careful with this comment since it's in a public forum.

But if the hearts, minds, and bodies of two individuals truly "reach out to one another," you can still find "good (more like excellent) in bed at a "one night stand."

It's unusual, but possible.

But generally speaking, one night stands are what we used to describe as "looking for love in all the wrong places" (Urban Cowboy).
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That last quote reminds me of Dr Ducky Mallard who said of on-line dating services, "I doubt that my soul mate is a mouse click away."
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Lol---I figured there was an app for that.
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Singing? Nah. The last thing I want to do is have somebody break into song when I'm doing my best.

But dancing? Well, yeah. Go read Dark Majinn's excellent answer. This is something American poet Maya Angelou expressed in her poem, "Still I Rise".

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

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Pffffft! I had a long comment and my phone got rid of it before i could post it! Lol! Sooo it was something like I wonder how we could generate a similar scenario on here like your creative writing class assignment. That would be interesting. ūüôā
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It'd probably be difficult. I've tried the odd word game from time to time but it's difficult to get anybody to join in, on line.
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Bummer! ūüėź
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Well i use to sing pretty good so maybe true

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That is a good hypothesis. We all know much tales  about the feet size and also the nose. But i have never heard about having the sense of rhythm and good voice may help you to be the better lover.  That is ridiculous.

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I've never heard a "Good Singer" is good in bed. I have heard that a "Good Dancer" and I always assumed that it had to do with flexibility ease of movement, and the confidence and sexuality that come from being comfortable enough to release the inhibitions to dance as if your the only one in the room . . . With rhythm.

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