How To Be A Good Dancer?

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Perfect practice makes perfect. Make sure to make time for practice but at the same time ensure that practice time is used productively to correct technical faults you may have or learn new movement vocabulary.

Dance like all the other performance arts is a form of communication so ultimately a good dancer is not just a technical one but one that can command the audience's attention because he/she is communicating something honest that other people can relate to.
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I have been dancing for many years to be a good dancer you need to be determined about what your doing as well as stretching to make you more flexible, and having a good diet is very important to keep you going, so good luck and dance with your heart not with your head!
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Of course to be a good performer, your work must be sincere and honest therefore, you "dance with your heart!" But be aware that new dance styles and treatments are coming up and some dance forms now don't require you to emote. So for some dancers, just "dancing with your head" is enough.
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Slow practice, stretch, and be just a little bit obsessed with it. When you listen to music, think about dancing to it. When you watch dance videos, think about how your body would feel to move that way. Get a feel for the moves and where your body is going. The best part comes last: Feel comfortable dancing. If someone is watching you, they should have the definite impression that "wow, that person is a dancer, not just someone who dances. That person belongs on the dance floor. Look how happy she is!"
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Well i don't mean to brag but i'm a really good dancer and if you want to be a really good dancer to it's simple honest you just have to have faith an believe in yourself an don't let anything get in your way it take's time for something like this to happen but remember it's a matter of hardwork,disipline and dedication an always folow what your heart want's to do hope i helped.
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I just takes time and practice.

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