Where Do I Find The Episodes Of The Two Sides Of Ana On The Net?


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Phil Newton answered

You can find episodes of The Two Sides Of Ana to download on a variety of torrent sites on the internet.  These are free to download, but it's important to remember that it's actually illegal to do so, so you might be better off buying a DVD of the show instead.

How do torrent sites work?

Torrent sites allow users to upload and download files from each other in what's known as peer to peer sharing.  Basically, users share files between the community, and this is great for free resources.

The main issue with torrent sites is that they allow piracy to become rife within the community.  Sharing licensed products such as TV shows, films, and music without permission is illegal.  Although this can be great for those who want to catch up on their favourite TV show, it can actually lead to pretty harsh fines and other consequences. 

So, yeah.  It's up to you whether you decide to download The Two Sides of Ana via torrent sites, but I'd probably advise against it.

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