How Did The Police Band Form? Please Also Tell Me Its Current And Former Members.


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The group got so much fame and then due to some reasons it collapsed but it has now again been emerged with the same enthusiasm and passion. The current members of this group are Sting; the lead vocalist, Andy Summers, and the Stewart Copeland.

Henry Padovani was the former member and he left the band in 1977. The group was composed by Stewart Copeland in 1977. Following the termination of his progressive band Curved Air, he was concerned to shape a new three piece group and unite the growing London punk scene.

The singer, Sting and guitar player Henry started practicing with Copeland, and they produced their initial Police single, "Fall Out"/"Nothing Achieving". The band worked enthusiastically and that is why they gained fame popularity in the public. The group got international fame because of their beautiful songs and the music.

The Synchronicity album became the reason of so many awards that had been awarded to the group. The work done by this band in the field of music is marvelous and appreciable. Their not only the music is wonderful but they equally worked on the lyrics of the songs. The group was collapsed because of some reasons but the members have again been reunited now.

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