What Song; Title; Has These Words In It.....busy Doing Nothing Working The Whole Day Through. Trying To Find Lots Of Things Not To Do?


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SIR 382 Busy Doing Nothing vocal by: Paul Bristow Release Date: Vinyl, MP3 and CD – 2009 / 10
Singing Call MS-48
Original artists: Bing Crosby,
Sir Cedric Hardwicke and William Bendix
This song is from the 1949 film: “A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court”, which was based on the book by Mark Twain of the same title. In the film the song was
sung by renowned singer and actor: Bing Crosby the first to receive the Global Achievement Award, Sir Cedric Hardwicke who had been knighted in 1934 at the young
age of 41 (young for a knighthood) for his services to entertainment and William Bendix.an oscar nominated actor whose was famous for both film and television acting.
The intention on this recording was to retain the original style – as far as possible – and to provide a “nostalgic” feel to the arrangement. To achieve this we used the 6-8
rhythm and the players followed the “Marching” sound that was used in the film; you could do worse than to watch the scene, to understand the storyline! The end result
was a jaunty style that really works well as a Square Dance tune. This is an up-tempo song with a humorous slant – a fun tune that should appeal to dancers of all ages!
Additional Lyrics:
We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through,
trying to find lots of things not to do.
We're busy going nowhere, isn't it just a crime?
We'd like to be unhappy but we never do have the time.
I have to watch the river to see that it doesn't stop,
and stick around the rosebuds so they'll know when to pop.
Better keep those crickets cheerful, they're really a solemn bunch,
Hustle, bustle and only an hour for lunch.
I have to wake the sun up – he’s liable to sleep all day
And then inspect the rainbows so they’ll be bright and gay
I must rehearse the songbirds to see that they sing in key
Hustle, bustle - and never a moment free
I have to meet a turtle, I'm teaching him how to swim,
then I have to shine the dew-drops, they're looking rather dim.
I told my friend the robin I’d buy him a brand new vest.
Hustle, bustle - I never have time to rest.
Where, When and Who produced the music:
This was part of the thirteenth group of releases on Sting and
Snow that were recorded in Nashville, during September
2008. A total of Ten songs were recorded during this
session, which was the eighth to be arranged and produced by
Paul Bristow. On this occasion, Paul had his Goddaughter –
Ria Hepden and her Father – Ron Hepden (Special Guest
Caller on Sting), to help with “decisions”!
As in previous years, the music features the top musicians in
Nashville: Gregg Galbraith – as band leader playing all Lead
Guitars, Doug Jernigan on Steel and Dobro, Roger Morris on
Piano and Keyboards, Fiddle by Rob Hojacos, Larry Paxton
on Bass Guitar, Bruce Watkins playing Rhythm Guitar and
Banjo and Jerry Kroon on Drums. As always Kevin
McManus (studio owner) was the engineer.
Acknowledgement to Royal Records:
We are indebted to Jerry Story and Tony Oxendine who
introduced us to the studio in Nashville and invited us to use
the top-of-the-line professional session musicians that they
had assembled, to play for Royal Records.

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