What Percentage Of People Own Digital Television?


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Digital television (DTV) is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound by means of digital signals, in contrast to analogue signals in analogue (traditional) TV. It uses digital modulation data, which is digitally compressed and requires decoding by a specially designed television set or a standard receiver with a set-top box.

The UK has the world's highest level of digital TV viewers at nearly 70%. Around 17.5m homes received digital channels by the end of 2005 and the 70% mark is expected to be passed by the end of 2006. By the end of 2010 it is expected that around 95% of homes to have taken up digital TV of one form or another. "Digital penetration" has reached 80% in Wales, while the level rose over 2005 by 17% in the Border area, the first TV region to see analogue switched off in 2008, to a total of 80%.

The US is second with 55% households watching digital television, but no other European country, apart from UK, has passed 50% mark.
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The UK is the highest that has digital tv

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