What Percentage Of Americans Own A TV?


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The percentage of Americans owning a TV set is 99, one of the largest in the world alongside Japan. Not only on an individual level, but on a household level the percentage of people owning more than three sets is 66, a significantly high number in a country of about 300 million people. The average number of TV sets per household since television began entertaining Americans from the 1940s has been steadily on the rise and today comes around to be 2.25 highlighting the important part that it plays in the American Media and entertainment culture.

The two types of television channels and networks that exist in the United States are broadcast television and cable television. The television industry was revolutionized in the 1990s with the advent of cable television and since than there has been a spurt in the number of TV sets bought with American households opting for a second, third or even fourth TV set, one for each person.

Broadcast television too has contributed in its own way to the popularity of the TV sets in American households giving a distinctly local flavor to the programs and chat shows.
The major players in the television industry are:

• Fox

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