Do You Buy Trilex In Stores?


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It isn't normally possible to buy Trilex in stores - most suppliers of the herbal cold sore remedy can only be found online. Whilst buying medications online is sometimes considered to have an element of risk involved in it, you shouldn't be putting yourself in too much danger by purchasing Trilex because it is a purely herbal drug which works naturally to dry out cold sores and prevent them from developing to their full potential.

The typical retail price of Trilex is $34.99 for a 90 capsule box, which should supply you with enough of the drug to last for a month. Your best bet for buying the capsules can be found at the following link:, where special offers allowing you to save 30% when you buy 3 tubs run regularly. There's also free shipping on orders which include 3 or more boxes of Trilex, which could save you just under $50 across the entire purchase.

Trilex can be used as soon as you feel a cold sore developing or after it has already started to bloom, in which case it will reverse the growth of the sore. The herbal medication is taken orally and actively targets the affected area immediately, strengthening your immune system and eliminating the causes of viral infection. When bought from the link given above, Trilex comes with a foolproof 90 day money back guarantee. This means you are entitled to a full refund should the product fail to heal your cold sore. For full terms and conditions about this guarantee, please visit the following link:, which details everything there is to know about the company's refund policy.

If you still aren't sure about registering to purchase medications online, you should visit a local herbal remedy store for alternatives to Trilex. There may be other medications which work in a similar way to Trilex to target cold sore development before it's too late. If you still can't find anything, visit your doctor or local pharmacy for information and advice on the other types of cold sore treatment out there.
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Giving the answer to your question, I don't buy Trilex in stores. In general, I like buying meds online. Usually I use the Canadian Pharmacy for this purpose as I can not only order the needed pills there, but also read all necessary information about them. But I'll check your link for sure, thanks for sharing!

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