In Star Trek, How Fast Would Warp One Up To Warp 1 To Warp 10 Be? (according To My Sources, Warp 10 Is Virtually Impossible)


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Though it's worth noting that the different levels of Warp Speed do not correspond correctly to equal speeds from the Original Series of Star Trek, to the newer series' (ie, Next Gen/DS9/Voyager/Enterprise).    From the Wikipedia article on Warp SpeedAccording to The Star Trek Encyclopedia, warp 6 (new scale) is equal to 392c (392 times the speed of light, c) and about warp 7.3 on the old scale, whereas warp 9.2 new, to about 1649c and warp 11.8 on the old scale. Under this new definition warp 9.2 translates to 306,714,000 miles/sec. Travel to Proxima Centuri from Earth would only take 22.58 hours.    So.  In your question, you say "according to my sources, warp 10 is virtually impossible".  In real life, yes, it is, as even Warp 1 is impossible (nothing can travel faster than light, as far as we are aware, though there are theoretical particles named tachyons that might travel faster than light).  In the (old) Star Trek universe, warp 10 is in no way impossible - Kirk's Enterprise quite regularly goes above Warp 10, but it was decided that for the new series warp 10 would be set as the maximum (and was called Eugene's Limit after creator Gene Roddenberry).    Ermm, the last two-parter of Next Gen (All Good Things) shows vessels capable of going at Warp 13... *cough* cop-out *cough*... But yeah.  I've shown myself to be too much of a geek already by caring about this even though you've already got an acceptable answer, so I'm going to stop now.

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