What Is The Name Of The Town Where Desperate Housewives Takes Place?


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The ever popular show Desperate Housewives is set on Wisteria Lane which is located in the town named Fairview (a fictional suburban town) located in Eagle State, United States. The show revolves around the often intertwined lives of four women as seen from the viewpoint of their dead neighbour. As of January 2007 however, just two of these women are truly housewives.

The serial follows these women though their domestic and daily struggles all the time with quite a few mysteries unfolding against this backdrop.

The show was created by Marc Cherry and commenced airing on October 3, 2004 when it debuted on ABC. The show has been deemed the most popular show globally (when considering its demographic), as it has a worldwide audience of roughly 115 to 119 million viewers.
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The Eagle State is the nickname for Mississippi. Therefore, I would think the town is fictional, but the state is not.

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