When Was ITV Founded?


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ITV was made in September of 1955. It was made right after the government in England passed the Television Act in 1954.
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ITV, or Indepedent Television, is the UK's oldest privately owned, commercial broadcaster. ITV was founded in 1954 when legislation passed in the British parliament permitted the creation of the first private broadcaster, thus ending years of monopoly on the part of the BBC. The Television Act of 1954 was, however, a highly controversial piece legislation and as such, the government tried to ease any concerns and misgivings by ensuring that ITV was closely monitored by the newly formed Independent Television Authority.

Rather than being a single station or broadcaster, ITV is actually a network of regional stations and each is operated as a regional franchise. These include STV, or Scottish Television, Channel Television, Border Television, which broadcasts in Northern England and southern Scotland, Anglia Television, Granada Television, Northern Ireland's UTV and Central Independent Television. There are also two national franchises operated as part of the ITV network.

Although ITV has undergone some consolidation since 1990, it remains a complex network of regional stations. The reason for this complexity is that at the time of its founding, the British government wanted to ensure that no single company could develop a monopoly in the field of UK commercial broadcasting.

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