What Is Justin Bieber's Real Cellphone Number, Email And Home Address?


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Like most celebrities Justin Bieber does not give out his cellphone number, email or home address. Instead fans can listen to a recording of the popstar on his fan phone number or they can write to his official fanmail address. You can also sign up to his official website, follow his twitter or like his facebook page.

Justin Bieber's official fan phone number
You can listen to a voice recording of Justin Bieber by calling his fan phone number on:
  • 1-855-588-9090 or:
  • 1-289-588-909

Justin Bieber's official fanmail address

To write to Justin send a letter to this address:

Justin Bieber
c/o Island Def Jam Group
Worldwide Plaza 825 8th Ave 28th Floor
New York
NY 10019

Justin Bieber's official website/facebook/twitter pages

Fans can sign up to Justin's official website to get all his latest news and order his newest releases at:

See what Justin has to say and tweet at him by following his twitter page. As of 2012 he is one of the most followed twitter users in the world with 25million people following him.

Like Justin Bieber's facebook page to get all the latest Bieber gossip!

Hope that helps! Keep on Belibing!

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Justin bieber  grew up to be a bad boy and now he is in jail. And he wonders way he is in jail when he gets out I bet you he will learn a lesson from being in jail. He is on drugs and that is bad for him. He is letting his fans down because bad stuff. He is showing kinds bad things to do when they get old like him. He retired doing concerts now that he is doing bad  things. What people wont to now is Justin bieber  on  coke.

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