What is your inside joke with your friends?


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Allie Hallowell Profile
Allie Hallowell answered
An inside something that only you and your friend joke about. Like me and my friend saw a jiffy lube and were like oooo lets eat there they have like awesome cheeseburgers! So on quizzes in emails it says fav place to eat we always put jiffy lube and no one else gets it.
Call me... Alma Profile
Call me... Alma answered
Hmm, my best friend and me have a lot of inside jokes (we are both truly messed up in the head). Our most recent one is: ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT= Rolling On The Floor, Laughing So Hard, My Sombrero Fell Off And I Dropped My Taco. :D
Not Tellin Profile
Not Tellin answered
Ever since me and my friends saw um... I think it was I Love You Man where the two guy friends went on a "Man Date". Now after seeing that when we go shopping or out to eat and we see two guys together we say "Aw look it's a Man-Date!" LOL!! And it's fun to watch 'em too, cause sometimes they act like they're one a date!!! You should watch sometime!! :-)
Audrey Chadwick Profile
Audrey Chadwick answered
Me and jennys is
"well how fricking happy chappy i am today!!!
Sarah uhasdasjad Profile
Ohh lol u no me and maddy while she my sister we says we r sexy ladies i no we arent but we just like saying tht to make us feel good
Jenny =) Profile
Jenny =) answered
So you already know audrey and mine, but imma say them all anyway:audrey and me: "well how freaking happy chappy am i today!"ace and me: "its so small!" "twinkie addict" "acehole" "dumbace" you and me: "stud muffin"

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