What Are Some Interesting Facts About Michael Jackson?


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Interesting facts about Michael jackson:
1. He has a genetic disease called vitiligo
2. His third child blanket was conceived with a suroget
3. His other two children paris and prince michael were conceived with debbie rowe
4. He and his brothers were brutally beaten by his father as children
5. He was married to lisa marie Presley
5. He admitted that if he could he would marry diana ross
6. Lived at never-land ranch
7. Was proven innocent in the child molestation trial against him
8. Good friends with usher, liza Minnelli, brooke Shields, and elizabeth taylor
9. His younger sister is janet jackson
10. Has three children
11. He is a huge fan of peter pan
12. He loves craftsmanship
13. He does not like to buy jewelry
14. He loves children
15. He is as sweet as can be!
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Little known fact Michael Jackson was also know as TJ to some of his closest friends which is short for ThrillieJean or ThrillyJean a reference to the Thriller/ Billie Jean era of his career.
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Why did michael jackson have to
die for thats so sad cuz he was on drugs
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Michael's nickname was smelly
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No   wonder  why  Michael  jackson  was  a  huge  fan  of  peter  pan

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