Who Is Diana Ross And Why Is She So Famous?


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Diana Ross was born in Detroit (Michigan) on March 26 in 1944.

She is an African-American and has been nominated for a Grammy as a singer and an Oscar for an actress.

The kind of music that she usually does is soul, R&B, disco, pop and R&B.The first time she was seen was when she was working as the lead of the girl group "The Supremes." After that she started working on her solo career.

She was one of the most successful artists during the 70s and 80s.Other than singing, she stepped into movies and television both.

She was named as the female entertainer of the century by the Billboard magazine in the year 1976.
She was also declared as the most successful female artist of the 20th century by The Guinness Book of World Records

She has appeared on a number of Television Shows this year for the promotion of her new album.She has even made an appearance on "American Idol" where she was acting as a mentor to the contestants.

Her fans should know that she was planning to start her European Tour on May 6, 2007. For other updates on her life, please visit her official website: dianaross.com

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