Why do we need music?


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Music is the framework of your can influence religion and other ways of life! It also helps when your bored! But its more than just something to do when you r bored! People use it to help heal diseases and people use to use music as a method of teaching and they still do today! I don't know about anyone else, but I would probably die without it!
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Music is the soal of the human hart and the music that you listen to is a part of you. No other words it's just for entertainment and relaxation.
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We need music to sooth ourselves, to feel how the music feels, and to entertain ourselves. Our lives would be boring without music.
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We need music to relax and when you are bored.
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We need music it gives relax to the mind and it also decreases the mental tensions .we need music because its sublimates the is a socail,biological as well as easthetic

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