How Many Seasons Of 'Charmed' Are There?


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That’s an easy one  – there are eight seasons of the TV show Charmed. However, if you really loved the show, the story continues in the form of a graphic novel, called Charmed: Season 9.
  • Charmed Season 1 (1998) – After returning to their childhood home, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell find out that they’re powerful witches!
  • Charmed Season 2 (1999) – The sisters spend another season developing their powers and fighting evil.
  • Charmed Season 3 (2000) – In this season, the sisters find out that their true enemy is the ruler of the Underworld.  Unfortunately, Prue is killed in the season finale.
  • Charmed Season 4 (2001) – The girls find out that they have another sister called Paige, who replaces Prue as one of the Charmed sisters.
  • Charmed Season 5 (2002) – Piper gets pregnant, and must learn to balance being a witch with her new life as a mother.
  • Charmed Season 6 (2003) – The sisters save to a mystic island to save their “Whitelighter” ( in other words, their mentor and guardian angel), Leo.
  • Charmed Season 7 (2004) – The sisters fight a demon, try to keep the Magic School open, and Piper fights with being a single parent again.
  • Charmed Season 8 (2005) – The sisters must come to terms with their identities once and for all in the final season of Charmed.
Hope this helps!
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There are eight seasons of Charmed that have aired. However, reruns do still play on TNT on weekends. It is an amazing show. I just love Piper and Leo.
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8 seasons of Charmed.
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There are eight. I love Charmed, it's so cool.
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The hit TV series Charmed only lasted eight seasons. However it has ended and does not come on anymore.
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8 seasons and it comes on on weekdays at 7am and plays 3 episodes (hour long) on TNT.
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There are only 8 seasons - I bought the complete series box set and there are only 8.
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There's more than eight because I've got all of them up to eight and that's not the last one.
I love Charmed.

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