Does Any One Know Any Good Anime Romance With Loads Of Kisses And Allot Hot Or Cute Boys I Dont Want Manga Or Dirty Stuff Like Adult Things Or Mature Things I Only Want Only For Teenagers Thing Like Vampire Knight Or Junjou Romantica? Pls!


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I'm a huge Junjou Romatica fan!  So I'm thinkin' I know what your looking for....

A good straight couples anime for you would be Peach Girl. Cute guys, lotts of romantic-ness & and couples, and a happy ending. It's about 20 or so episodes, only one season, but totally worth it. If youre more of a gay couple fan [like me ^_^] I would try Gakuen Heaven. It's cute, and also has a happy ending. I cried...but it was a good kind of cry. Lol ^_^.

I will add a couple more titles as I remember them, I'm kinda pulling this off the top of my head. But - just a word of the wise, if your looking for gay/shoen-ai/yaoi-esc anime[like junjou], be careful! Its increasingly hard to find a cutsey non-sex filled anime anymore. So be careful what you watch so you don't get grossed out in the end. Lol. Good Luck on your anime search! Xoxox Almidia ^_^

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