What Song Has The Lyrics 'I've Been Looking For Love And I Found It In You, My Dream Come True'?


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Lucy Burroughs answered

The song you're trying to find is Looking For Love by R&B artist Mul-ty. It's taken from his first album, which is called Made 4 Love.  The song was released in 2002 by Universal Mowtown Records.

I'm not surprised that you were having trouble finding it - it doesn't seem like Mul-ty even has a website!

You can watch the video for Looking For Love by Mul-ty below on Youtube:

The lyrics are quite repetitive, but here's the gist of them...

See, I've been looking for love

And I found it in you

My dream come true

And we said we were so meant to be, lady

Like the waves in the sea, woman

Oh so naturally

And oh, I've been looking for love so long

And then you came and gave me a love that was so strong


See, I never loved anyone the way I love you, baby

My dream come true

See, so many nights, so many nights I've prayed for this love

You were sent down, sent down to me from heaven above

Oh I've been, I've been, I've been, I've been looking for love so long, so long

Oh, then you came and gave me a love that was so strong...

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