What Is Mozart's Most Famous Piece Of Music?


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Mozart is arguably the most well-recognized composer of the classic-era and among his 600+ pieces is some of the most recognizable music ever created.

Mozart's most famous pieces include: Requiem (or Requiem Mass in D minor, a piece which was left unfinished at his death and is first to come up on most search engines), Eine Kline Nachtmusik (which literally translates to: A little night music but actually means 'a little serenade') other notable pieces are the first movements of Symphonies 25 & 40 and the third movement of Piano Sonata No.11 known as  "Alla Turca" or "Turkish Rondo" because it mimics the sound of the Turkish Janissary bands that were popular at the time.

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Mozart is a legend .One of his best and most famous piece of music is The Marriage of Figaro. The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni can be considered a close second and third.
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Well, Mozart's most famous PIECES [not just one] are:-Alla Turca [Turkish March]-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-Figaro's Marriage.And many more.
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In my opinion: Rondo Alla Turca, Eine Kleine Nactmusik, 40th Symphony, The Marriage of Figaro and Mozart's Requiem.
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My Opinion: Requiem Mass in D minor

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