What Is The Difference Between Radio Waves And Sound Waves?


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Sound waves are simply compression of sound as it moves through air of other materials. The sound waves are a result of vibration of any object, like a radio loudspeaker. Whereas Radio waves are electromagnetic waves which occur on the radio frequency portion of electromagnetic spectrum, commonly used to transport information from one place to another without wires.
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Radio wave is an electromagnetic wave of a frequency range of 3kHz to 300 GHz and is transverse vibration type. Sound wave is mechanical vibration type and is  longitudinal vibration.
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Sound waves                                      radio waves
longitudinal                                          transverse
low speed (340m/s)                            high speed (almost equivalent to the speed of light)
high wavelength                                  small wavelength
low frequency                                      high frequency
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Sound waves are basically pressure of sound as it travels through demeanor of different materials. The sound waves are an aftereffect of vibration of any question, similar to a radio amplifier. Though Radio frequency planning map are electromagnetic waves which happen on the radio recurrence part of electromagnetic range, normally used to transport data starting with one place then onto the next without wires.

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