What Do Radio Waves And Light Have In Common? What Is Different About Them?


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Both radio and light waves travel at the same speed, which is 260,000 miles per second. Light waves are visible and radio waves are invisible. We detect light waves by sight and we detect radio waves by sound.
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This answer is not correct regarding the speed of light and radio waves. The correct answer is about 186,300 miles per second. A more relevant number to students in science classes is: SI units, or 299,792 kilometers per second (usually rounded to 300,000 km/sec.
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Both radio waves and light are kinds of electromagnetic waves. The difference is in their wavelength. Radio waves have the wavelength in the range, let us say, kilometers (even to 100000 km) to millimeters (microwaves). Light refers typically to the spectral region of about 380-750 nm, visible light only approximately 400-700 nm.

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