Where Can I Watch Episodes Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Online For Free?


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You will find that you are currently able to watch all the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for free at this website - However you should be aware if you do visit this site and watch the content you could be breaking the law. It is most likely that this site does not own the rights to stream these episodes and so is doing so illegally.

Many sites like this pop up and then disappear or are closed down by the government quite quickly. It is therefore better to buy the episodes legally, either on DVD or online from websites such as or

When visiting unknown or untrustworthy websites, you should certainly have very good anti-virus software installed on your computer. Although this may cost a little initially, it can certainly save you a lot of money, stress and hassle later on by combating any viruses or hackers. Downloading episodes from free file-sharing sites has also become very popular; again this should be approached with great caution. You do not know for sure that what you are downloading is actually what it says it is and also many of these downloads have a variety of viruses that can disable your computer completely. You have to think is it really worth the risk?

You should find pre-owned Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs relatively cheap on auctions sites such as or This is a lot easier to get every episode and to be sure you are not breaking the law or putting your computer at risk.
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Free tv shows is good but a bit slow
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Thanks Yuvrajzzz , For sharing such a great link... I always like to prefer site for watch my favorite tv shows online.
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Try this website:

You could also try as there are sometimes.  Full episodes posted in parts on there.  

Google video ( is also worth a visit, as you can type in what video you would like to see and a list of results with links to video sites will be displayed.

Hope this helps!
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Surf the channel too

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