With The Recent Launch Of The Body Shop In Pakistan, What Are The Major Aspects That Link The Customers (both Potential And Current) With The Body Shop?


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The Body Shop, having recently commenced in Pakistan, is an exclusive beauty brand whose uniqueness lies in the natural ingredients that they use for each and every product. For the Pakistani market, there are certain fascinating aspects that connect the consumer to the brand. For instance, in comparison to the sundry assortment of lotions, creams, soaps and perfumes offered by the Body Shop, the general customer proclivity was in the favor of cosmetics inclusive of lipsticks, eye-liners, eye-shades, foundation etc. Moreover most people, both potential as well as real customers, rapaciously relish the try-out privilege at the Body Shop. The trying-out ratio is generally greater than the actual buying-out proportion. Being proverbial for its usage of natural ingredients for its products, Pakistani buyers are taking a special interest in this very forte. Most specifically, the buying-out lot is highly interested in and inquisitive about the ingredients that are used in the products that they want to buy. The last aspect is the great extent of nonchalance that both buyers and non-buyers towards the price factor.

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