Is Legal The Site Lets You Stream Full Movies And The Selection Is Quite Huge Every Title I Have Typed In Has Been Available?


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Streaming movies and television shows from your computer is not illegal but the uploading and owning of pirated films and television shows is illegal. This website relies on pirated material to be able to stream movies for free and this is illegal.
  • The website
  • redirects you to and the .ch ending indicates a website in Switzerland. This is to circumvent US privacy laws by use of a website outside United States jurisdiction. The website offers the service for free and this could only realistically be done with pirated movies and television shows, as supplied by
  • Is streaming legal?
Whilst it is illegal to own copyrighted material for which there is no proof of purchase, watching illegal pirated copy is not yet technically illegal.  This is because it is very difficult to find out who is watching the websites. The decision to watch such materials online is at your own discretion and based on your own moral boundaries.
  • Alternatives
Many second hand shops and online stores now offer DVDs at reasonable prices. If the ethical issues surrounding cause you concern, alternative websites include eBay, Amazon and All have reasonable offers for movies and television shows.
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Yes its 100% legal ! They only link to the actual hosted content and don't host it themselves, you can go there

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